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Distance Brake Things

This maybe a fiction! Maybe a real one, it is up to you!  Strait to the story, there was a dream (if there is any), two people were in it, a boy and a girl, boy at the home near the main door, girl was near the fence, both of them talking (about what?? mystery though) both of them shouting (again nothing clear) but here is the thing, they were never close to each other like mentioned above the distance, made them shouting, which only the sound they make, nothing clear to anyone, distance made them whisper, again nothing hear from anyone! , boy had no choice he dumped her, distance made him to do it! still the girl is at the fence she have no idea about what happened, boy is on his own work, looking after his family everything forgotten, She is still there wondering around waiting for a sign, waiting for a miracle, waiting for the perfect person which in our world impossible thing to happen. No one (boy or the girl) ever knew that the distance is the main reason to shake their relations