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“ Love ”. Maybe I missed the whole point of it, but how do we define “ Love ” tricky question though, no one knows until it happens, the way it happens even trickier! I think it’s a moment that we lost! In time! In our own world, in our own dreams, a moment that heart comes a step forward and how hard we tried a moment that our brain goes two steps behind. No thinking involves, just a single feeling takes control of everything! Why? I still don’t know, but it’s not important (I guess) maybe I can find some answers in Psychological journal thing, but a research can’t do justice until we find our own set of answers for it.

Science vs God

Admitting the fact that science, has no gods, but science has heroes. People who did great things with science are not our superiors, not even our rivals. They like passed milestones on our road. The most important thing is, what comes next? Who will set the benchmark? Who will be the milestone? Who will be the next hero? these are the Questions that can be answered by science itself.


Odd thing but, “ Time ” is the coolest maybe the best medicine of all time. 24 pills a day, as long as we all are alive, we have to take that pill everyday. Inside that pill there are different levels of “ sadness ” , “ happiness ” , “ good things ” , “bad things” which no one knows how its gonna feel at the end! , so expect both good and bad… ! take that pill every day. Stay alive!.

Blue Sydney : Color Palette

My second color palette, also my favorite color "blue!" Implications of this color palette depends on the designer's view though this palette primarily made for web-based work, but this also can use for prototyping mobile apps too, like I said before, depends on the designers view! Palette is host on my Deviantart account, inside that ".zip" file, you can find a color swatch made for Adobe's Photoshop(CS3 and beyond) and 5K resolution image sample, as proof what this palette can do! you can check it out .    

Altar : Color Palette

A color palette for designers, mainly for Adobe's Photoshop. This palette works with Photoshop CS3 and newer versions. Also included some wallpapers, made using only this color palette. Designed by : Dumidu Samarathunga. Photograph by : Kevin Jay. Download Palette