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Odd thing but, “ Time ” is the coolest maybe the best medicine of all time. 24 pills a day, as long as we all are alive, we have to take that pill everyday. Inside that pill there are different levels of “ sadness ” , “ happiness ” , “ good things ” , “bad things” which no one knows how its gonna feel at the end! , so expect both good and bad… ! take that pill every day. Stay alive!.

Blue Sydney : Color Palette

My second color palette, also my favorite color "blue!" Implications of this color palette depends on the designer's view though this palette primarily made for web-based work, but this also can use for prototyping mobile apps too, like I said before, depends on the designers view! Palette is host on my Deviantart account, inside that ".zip" file, you can find a color swatch made for Adobe's Photoshop(CS3 and beyond) and 5K resolution image sample, as proof what this palette can do! you can check it out .