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OOCSS (Object Oriented Cascading Style Sheets), it seems new also quite a mouthful name but, it is a half a decade old concept that makes visuals in front of the web page more robust and dynamic, in another way this concept helps to implement styling on web pages, much larger scale with more efficient manner. As a term “object” is something that consist, a state and a related behavior to that particular state, if we relate it to more practical way, an object stores its state in “fields” (variables in some programming languages) and reveal its behavior through “methods” (functions in some programming languages). So what is a CSS Object? Simply a CSS “object” more of a repeating visual pattern, that can be applied into an independent part of HTML, CSS and “quite possibly” JavaScript. That object can then be reused across the website. Similarly, in the OOP, a pattern abstracting into an isolated block of code. There are two principals to follow in this OOCSS, firstly “Separating

Smart and Modular

What I believe, future is not set for tech world, innovations today set the future of tech. that is something happening in every second, which generate more technology related hardware and software products and services, if we take a look at the closest tech related “thing” in our life, is our communications devices and services, obviously this is 2016 and that device is the “smart phone”, as I mentioned before, continues innovations and improvements in this mobile technology area, can make someone wander “what the hell is coming next?” well, Google have some answers for that! The concept is a bit old and some reasonable amount of information is available for everyone who wants to dig deeper into this topic. Which is “modular smartphones”. First we need to know about two types of definitions, “modular” and “module”, Modular: employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction    Module: each of a set of standardized parts are independent uni

Bit of Data Science

Data science is a collection of Data inference, algorithm development and technology, focusing on to solve analytically complex problems. At the center, there is data, there are more valuable raw information streaming through the Internet and stored in enterprise data warehouses, what data science doing is, using all that data in more intelligent and creative ways to process and produce insights/information which is used to generate business value, in other way data science helps us to do quantitative data analysis, to make strategic business decisions, just about anything.    There is a side of data science, it's all about uncovering findings from data, it's called "discovery of data insight". whats happening with this is, we look at data in the smallest level we can, and with all the data mining tools, we can understand complex behaviors, trends. It's about revealing hidden information that can help users and companies(mostly companies) to make smarter

Wild Horse (fiction)

I think you deserve an explanation about why I chose you, thing is you chose me! (well I would like to think that way) If you can Remember that orientation day in campus hall? You on the first floor, while I was going to the 3rd floor you asked from me which level and what room, oddly I still remember that because of you. I don’t know it is a gift or a curse but I can read people, up to a level though I can’t read minds if you wondering! And I did notice some things in you, you have good qualities good thinking, mad thinking, best of all you have a good heart (even you have completely mad thinking!) those things (and few other things) led me to believe that you are “the one”, your physical appearance is not on this list, truth to be told, you’re not the prettiest girl I’ve ever saw, I don’t want to lie to you! You so beautiful inside and that’s what important to me. If you can remember that day I ask you out, I still have that memories like pictures, you were scratching that band

රෝද තුනේ, මනුස්සයෙක් !

වැඩ ඇරිලා එද්දී වෙච්ච හරි අමුතු සිද්ධියක්! .... කලින් දවසේ වගේ, මමයි මගේ මිත්‍රයා තිබන් එක්ක, ස්ටේසන් රෝඩ් එක දිගේ පොඩි කතාවක් දාගෙන එද්දී......, ලඟට එනකන් ගානක් නෑ! ඇවිත් නැවැත්තුවා ත්‍රී වීල් එකක්, රතු පාට! අපෙන් ඇහුව " පුතාල නුවරටද යන්නේ ?" තිබන් ගැස්සිලා වගේ බලාගෙන, මම මැදට පැනල  කිව්වා "ඔව් !" අනික් පැත්තට ආවා උත්තරයක් "එහෙනං නගින්ඩ, ගිහින් දාන්නං !" මේ පාර හොඳට ත්‍රී වීල් ඒකට එබිලා බැලුවා, දකුණු අතේ බාගෙට ඉවර වෙච්ච සිගරට් එක!, මනුස්සයා ත්‍රී වීල් එක එළවගෙන ඇවිත් තියෙන්නේ තනි අතින්ද කොහෙද!, අපිට පුතාලා කියල කතා කරාට, පෙනුමේ හැටියට ඒ මනුස්සයට අපිට වැඩිය අවුරුදු පහක් හයක් වැඩිමල් අයියා කෙනෙක් වගේ! මට පෙනුන හැටිද මන්ද, නොදන්න කෙනෙකුත් වෙච්චි එකේ එහෙම යන එකත් හරි නැති එකේ, මම කිව්වා "හරි මාමා කමක් නෑ !" ඇතුලෙන් උත්තරයක් ආවා "සල්ලි ගන්නේ නෑ!!!! ගිහිල්ලා දාන්නං, නගින්ට !!" කිව්ව සැරටද මන්දා වයින් කරලා වගේ වීල් එක අස්සට නැග්ගවුනා! "මුටද පිස්සු? මටද පිස්සු?" මං මටම එවෙලේ කියගත්තා, තිබන්ට කරකියා ගන්ට දෙයක් නෑ! ආපහු ඒ මනුස්

අත්දැකීම !

සමහරු කියනවා ජීවිතය ප්‍රශ්න පත්තරයක් වගේ කියල. සමහරු කියනවා ජීවිතය ගඟක් වගේ ගලාගෙන යනවකියල. ශේක්ස්පියර් උන්නැහේ අවරුදු සිය ගණනකට කලින් කියල තියෙනවා, "ජීවිතය රඟ මඬලක්" ලු "අපි එහි නළු නිළියෝ" ලු ! වැරදියි කියන්ටත් බෑ! හරියි කියල ඔලුවේ තියාගෙන ඉදල වැඩකුත් නැහැ! එත් වෙලා තියෙන දේවල් දිහා බලනකොට, නිරාවරණයවුන, ගැටුන, සිතිවිලි දාමය දිගේ, අතීතය දිහා බලන මොහොතක් මොහොතක් ගානේ, ජීවිතය, ගඟක් වගේ ගලාගෙන යන ප්‍රශ්න වලින් පිරුණු පොත් කරපින්නාගෙන, දහ අතේ ඒවට උත්තර හොයන්ට වෙහෙසෙන, ලොකුම ලොකු,  රඟපෑමක අපි හැමෝම හිරවෙලා කියල හිතුන වාර ගාන අනන්තයි අප්‍රමාණයි! "ජීවිතය ගැන මම තරම් දන්න කෙනෙක් නෑ" කියන හැමකෙනාම එහෙම හිතන හැම මොහොතකම ජීවිතයෙන් අලුත් පාඩම් ගොඩක් ඉගෙනගන්නවා! එක අතකට පුදුමයි, නොදන්නාකම නිසා යමක් දැනගන්නවා වෙනුවට, දැන දැනම ප්‍රශ්න පත්තර පිටින් එකම තැනක රැඳෙමින් එහෙටත් නැති මෙහෙටත් නැති රංගනයක්! මට එහෙම පෙනෙන්නේ ඇයි? ඒ මගේ "උරුමය" ද? "කරුමය" ද? ඒ දෙකම නැති තැන, සිතුවිලි වලට හරස් කපන එකම වචනය "අත්දැකීම" මම සාමාන්‍ය මනුස්සයෙක්! සිතුවිලි අ

I am Dumidu Neeshan

If everyone is busy making everything, How can anyone perfect anything?  I want to confuse convenience with joy, with choice, to design and make something, requires focus, madness, the first thing I ask from myself is, “what I want people to feel?” Delight? Surprise? Love? Connection?  then I begin to craft my intention, it takes time, and I take my sweet time to perfect it. There are thousands of “NO” s  behind in every single “YES”  I simplify it, again I perfect it, when it’s not working, with patience I start over,  sometimes the best thing we can do is start over. until everything I make,  until everything I touch, delighted, surprised,  loved, connected, saved, even enhances each life it touches. Only then I put my name  to the work. I am Dumidu Neeshan

Whispering Mountains - 1

there is a little princess live in the mountains, she is gifted with a heart that has both good and bad equally, little princess getting older, getting wiser, thanks to her mom and dad she got a little sister, the little princess started to dream about the future, making plans, working hard, getting through exams, she finally come in to the city school from the village school which she loved but, didn’t had many friends, she is spending time with the new city school friends doing her own work, doing whatever the thing she can to go for her goals, she is doing fine, she is awesome, not too brainy, not too ignorant, she is a genius of her own league, until something happens, something unexpected…..  

Brain Share

what if, we could be able to share our brain power with each other! no more exams, no more tests, everybody knows everything, and everyone can understand everyone! end of fights, end of miss judgments, end of problems, end of war! finally world at peace! we can find peace together, world is safe! we can think of building a much more safer world, together! so good to be true but love to believe .

Machine with a soul

In generally, love is like an equation with three unknown variables, we all trying to solve it, but instead of solving, it just loops around with different variable names, obvious choice to solve that is to remove one variable from the equation! that is not a logical decision, and it is a "rule braker" knowing that, removing one variable effects the equation, simply it changes the formula! then the outcome will be something that totally unexpected! But on the other hand, the equation, can be solved! it may take a long curve, but eventually it will see an end! And It is entirely, up to us to assign positive values, values enough to exceed the negativity in those variables, as always, outcome will be positive !

Yellow Rain : Color Palette

This is my third color palette, like other palettes this, more focused on "web" and "mobile" UI design and prototyping work. you can get access to files from here   this palette contains total of 15 colors, 

Social Media

Getting in to social media services, Apps, like getting married! Update over update, and endless maintenance, even we hate it so much, we can't get rid of it. As always it is a painfully loving experience! Which is not a necessary thing, but, we made it so important now we can't live without it. If some one is not on very-well-known social media platform, means, that person is not born yet, or that person is someone who, got divorced with the internet. In other word a ghost, and yes! they are "lucky people"

Code is Magical, Code is Poetry

There is a magic, that happens when we code something, everything is aligned, everything is synced in to one perfect code. When it works, that feeling we get, is totally alive. So alive that, It will let us dance on our code again and again, just like that, the magical code continues.