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Showing posts from March, 2016

Social Media

Getting in to social media services, Apps, like getting married! Update over update, and endless maintenance, even we hate it so much, we can't get rid of it. As always it is a painfully loving experience! Which is not a necessary thing, but, we made it so important now we can't live without it. If some one is not on very-well-known social media platform, means, that person is not born yet, or that person is someone who, got divorced with the internet. In other word a ghost, and yes! they are "lucky people"

Code is Magical, Code is Poetry

There is a magic, that happens when we code something, everything is aligned, everything is synced in to one perfect code. When it works, that feeling we get, is totally alive. So alive that, It will let us dance on our code again and again, just like that, the magical code continues.