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Machine with a soul

In generally, love is like an equation with three unknown variables, we all trying to solve it, but instead of solving, it just loops around with different variable names, obvious choice to solve that is to remove one variable from the equation! that is not a logical decision, and it is a "rule braker" knowing that, removing one variable effects the equation, simply it changes the formula! then the outcome will be something that totally unexpected! But on the other hand, the equation, can be solved! it may take a long curve, but eventually it will see an end! And It is entirely, up to us to assign positive values, values enough to exceed the negativity in those variables, as always, outcome will be positive !

Yellow Rain : Color Palette

This is my third color palette, like other palettes this, more focused on "web" and "mobile" UI design and prototyping work. you can get access to files from here   this palette contains total of 15 colors,