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Smart and Modular

What I believe, future is not set for tech world, innovations today set the future of tech. that is something happening in every second, which generate more technology related hardware and software products and services, if we take a look at the closest tech related “thing” in our life, is our communications devices and services, obviously this is 2016 and that device is the “smart phone”, as I mentioned before, continues innovations and improvements in this mobile technology area, can make someone wander “what the hell is coming next?” well, Google have some answers for that! The concept is a bit old and some reasonable amount of information is available for everyone who wants to dig deeper into this topic. Which is “modular smartphones”. First we need to know about two types of definitions, “modular” and “module”, Modular: employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction    Module: each of a set of standardized parts are independent uni