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Smart and Modular

What I believe, future is not set for tech world, innovations today set the future of tech. that is something happening in every second, which generate more technology related hardware and software products and services, if we take a look at the closest tech related “thing” in our life, is our communications devices and services, obviously this is 2016 and that device is the “smart phone”, as I mentioned before, continues innovations and improvements in this mobile technology area, can make someone wander “what the hell is coming next?” well, Google have some answers for that! The concept is a bit old and some reasonable amount of information is available for everyone who wants to dig deeper into this topic. Which is “modular smartphones”.

First we need to know about two types of definitions, “modular” and “module”,
Modular: employing or involving a module or modules as the basis of design or construction   

Module: each of a set of standardized parts are independent units that can be used to construct a more complex structure such as an item of furniture or a building (which in this case, a smartphone)

If the definitions are boring, modular is something where all the parts can be removed or replaced so something is completely modular all the parts even the necessary ones can be removed, or replaced, if it's semi modular, then some of the parts can be removed and replaced, and if it's not modular, that all the parts cannot be removed or be replaced.

modular tech is usually the best set of tech because when we can take out parts and replace them like a graphics card in a computer, but also means that we can upgrade parts at any time, just one piece at a time at our own will, which means we don't have to wait until something's broken if we can decide what we want a piece of something to be better than it is, now we can buy the replacement upgraded and just make it happen.

Thing about modular smartphones like just the whole idea of being able to swap the parts in and out at any time so let's say our phone we really like our phone but it's starting to get a little bit slow! instead of buying a whole new smartphone, to replace it, we can just buy a new CPU module swap out that and our phone as good as new or let's say, we want to take better photos and some new better optics are coming out and we can swap out a camera module and we're good to go or let's say we're going on a road trip in this season! swap out a bigger battery module and so on, how cool is that!

Project Ara which was a sort of a resurfaced version of phonebloks!  had a lot of the same looks from phonebloks the modules that slide into a base hot-swappable, upgradeable parts and even a little bit of a better looking design I would say, but again this as more than a year ago and it's still all concept form we never got any phones to play with just dummies of what the phone would look like so a few months ago at Google I/O we got our project Ara update, which is great! we actually got to see some prototypes of working modular phones which is awesome, but these were a far cry from the original concept as we kind of expected, these are more like semi-modular phones, because now project Ara doesn't let us swap the CPU the GPU the RAM even the speakers, and the screen, are all fixed in. we will be able to swap things like the camera and the batteries and actually that news is a bit disappointing to those of us who are really waiting for that idea, but it's still exciting that we will see a project Ara a developer device, by the end of this year(2016) and then a consumer device that we can buy starting next year(2017).

Of course is all dependent on Google getting all these third-party manufacturers to actually make a whole bunch of different modules for us to choose from so there's an actual reason for us, to try it. Fast forward to today and we're still kind of high on this, idea of modular smartphones and we've gotten devices like this “LG g5” g5 five by itself is pretty good phone it's pretty decent looking thing obviously, but its main selling point is that it's “modular” ??? kind of, because it as modules this fall under the category of semi-modular in fact the truth is, the g5 is barely modular like. It has a couple of attachable accessories but we can't swap the memory or anything, we can't swap the cameras we can't swap any sensors, basically just the battery so it's sort of like a rough build, and we should respect them for trying but this is like 30% of a modular phone!!

this modular concept which is pretty crazy and bold and daring but 99% of people don't really care about a “Lego” like “build your own modular smartphone” type of thing, and the last 1% who do, also wanted to be cheap to buy!!! but if we think about it making the ideal future-proof fully modular smartphone for us now, whatever the company does that, would kind of be screwing themselves over in the long run, when they want to introduce a new phone let's say 2018, no one is going to buy it! Because, we can buy new modules for the older ones  instead!
Honestly “modular” contains for the truly fully modular smartphone, could be the best thing, that happens to the tech world, also smartphone market! When it does happen, both for us consumers because it's going to be awesome for the environment so, we have to buy all these new phones/modules all the time, and for geeks because it's just a crazy awesome concept, but still there is a long way! Good luck project Ara.


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