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OOCSS (Object Oriented Cascading Style Sheets), it seems new also quite a mouthful name but, it is a half a decade old concept that makes visuals in front of the web page more robust and dynamic, in another way this concept helps to implement styling on web pages, much larger scale with more efficient manner. As a term “object” is something that consist, a state and a related behavior to that particular state, if we relate it to more practical way, an object stores its state in “fields” (variables in some programming languages) and reveal its behavior through “methods” (functions in some programming languages). So what is a CSS Object? Simply a CSS “object” more of a repeating visual pattern, that can be applied into an independent part of HTML, CSS and “quite possibly” JavaScript. That object can then be reused across the website. Similarly, in the OOP, a pattern abstracting into an isolated block of code. There are two principals to follow in this OOCSS, firstly “Separating