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"Design" like a language, it's versatile, it's beautiful, it runs across many disciplines, it's open to anyone, because of that many of us tries to learn about that language. Speaking of languages, everybody can't learn or speak every language! Some people will try the basic and give it up, some of them are trying so hard to learn about it and when they fail, they will give up and they are never going to look back! For very few the language of design is their mother tongue, those people are born with that language, they are gifted with that language! They know how to speak it, control it, manipulate it, grow it, doing it so well that those people can create masterpieces just with few lines and curved edges! Language of design has no high or low! Design is always maintain a middle ground, balanced ride, laser focused middle path, always looking the balance between the logic and art, which logically and artistically bring balance to whatever the mess they goin