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Eid - Note

Eid Mubarak! For those who celebrating! I wish you all a great time with love peace and happiness! Every single one of us made with a unique blend of sense and responses, different magnitudes of intelligence and knowledge. I believe we all owe ourselves to find the purpose of our existence, which is same by default! But our paths are different! I believe, and I wish you all find the true blessings and the spiritual growth, to find the truth in this vastly different and rapidly changing world! And ultimately find peace! In a peaceful destination!  May God bless only for those who think and do good! - Dumidu Samarathnga

God bless, this two souls!

She!! She, has the most darkest soul, Darkest, you will ever see, Her eyes, have no shine, because of it , Her voice, is unnatural, because of it, Her body, is weak, because of it, She is smiling without being happy, Without any light, No life in her, at all, You!! Your eyes! Your eyes, can light her eyes, A gentle touch, she will hold your arm, A gentle kiss, she will fly, with you anywhere, Get more closer! She will open, Her pitch black stormy soul, for you! It will consume, the light of your soul, She will heal, with your light, by herself, She will heal, your soul back! She can bring you up, When you fall down! She will be there, When you in pain! She can be, the strength, To your long journey! She can be the queen, To your kingdom! Lit by the light, of your kind, gentle soul! You have changed her! And She, changed you! A bond, made in heaven! A gift from God! God bless, this two souls! - Dumidu Samarathunga