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Binaries... Photographs, timepieces, You can put any name on it, you can put any brand on it. Anybody can market it in anyways. It has Almost endless amount of possibilities, but think while you moving fast, that every picture you take is a binary file. Whatever the way you take it, the image will stored as a binary file. It will process as a binary file. Labeled(watermarked) as a binary file. Picture will upload as a binary file. Ultimately, the outcome will be a nice looking colorful picture which is again, a binary file. Look  more closely you can see, binaries are everywhere! It's so amazing that we don't have to made up things, we don't have to lie about it, no need to fake it, because this is the logic at it's purest form. This is an invite, to see the truth in whatever the picture you can! Because binaries are everywhere!